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Football Practice Set Up:

This practice involves coach and an individual player (Striker in this instance). You will be passing ball in for striker who makes movement either side of mannequin to receive, turn and finish, before repeating sequence with different movement.

Player Focus:

How can this individual practice develop an understanding of movement required to break defensive lines? Can you coach staged learning to develop understanding, allowing creativity by facilitating learning?


Set Up:

Setup shows how individual player's movement can be developed in advanced areas


P1: Off The Shoulder

To develop individuals movement to receive the ball to break midfield, get on the ball in dangerous positions to penetrate the back line with direct run or through ball


P2: Double Movement

To progress player must show one way to go the other and receive off the shoulder of mannequin, movement must be sharp with a change of pace to replicate match tempo of scenario


P3: Change Attack Direction

Movement can become too predictable and so allow player to be creative, striker can now receive in front of guard, yet first touch must take player across the front to change direction

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