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Football Practice Set Up

Blue button This practice area is in a 30 x 30 Yard square, with a GK at each end keeping goal and 2 groups of players at the side of each goal to combine to score. 3 Cones positioned for each group (CB,WM,ST), with 1 player on each to begin.
Blue buttonSee combination shown between players to get a shot off on goal or for cross to be delivered. Players must move to the next station once shot has been taken.


Player Focus

Blue buttonPassing Weight/Direction - Timing of Movement - Control - Finishing

Level 2 Technical Practice 12A2


1-2 Combination, overlapping run and cross for 2 attacking players


ST has option to play 1 of 2 runners, inside or outside (more player options) 

Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

Blue button This practice requires a number of balls to ensure play continues even if players do miss the target. Could encourage GKs to manage session through delivering to first passing player.
Blue button In addition you could add a real element of competition between individual players within a group, between groups themselves and/or between GKs.

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