Article Number: 16
Game Phase: Attack
Article Type: Practice
Category number: 02
Theme name: Counter Attacking
Type: Skill
Phase: 3
Age: 5
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 20
Part: 1
Level: 1
Skill: Dribbling
Skill2: RWTB
Skill3: Technical
Unit of work: Attackers
Animations: 241255358
Home Page Animation: 249228840
Cancel Page Animation: 278640121
Counter Attacking 02 P2

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Counter Attacking | Skill Practice (02-P2)

Set Up / Organisation
This Dribbling practice requires 6-12 players in a 252 area, each dribbling a ball. Players encouraged to be creative and try as many tricks and dribbles as they can


Player Focus
  • Individual Skills: Creativity | Technique | Lose Players | Possibly Pace


Progression 1 | Target Zones
  • Add 2 areas, where players must perform a different trick and with increased traffic closer control is encouraged.


Progression 2 | Defending Player
  • Add a defender to add pressure to dribblers, so they must avoid each other as well as perform a dribble in area.


Progression 3 | Passing Floater
  • With increased difficulty with added defender, a floater could act as a wall pass for dribblers under pressure.
Key Coaching Points
  • To develop dribbling as a skill, we must ensure players are comfortable without pressure, before adding these progressions. Coaches may wish to focus on a specific dribble before or after allowing players to be expressive in trying new skills.
  • S | Depending on numbers the area can be reduced or increased in size, to alter difficulty based on player's ability.
  • T | Dribblers could be encouraged to get a certain number of dribbles in each area or within a certain time. i.e. 5 different dribbles or tricks in 30 seconds in each area.
  • E | Extra floaters can be added or number of balls reduced so players must lay ball off after dribble and become a passer.
  • P | With added defenders, dribblers challenge is increased and lessened with added floaters, as the coach you must decide what course of action to take.
  • Advanced | More able young players may have the area split into 4 quarters, and encouraged to perform a different dribble in each area, again opposed. They could also be encouraged during the practice to only use their weaker foot, or alternate feet in each dribble.
Article Description This Dribbling practice requires 25 x 25 square, 6-12 players each with a ball dribbling in the area.