211 | Mini Football Comfortable Base | Formation Study (FS-5)

This basic 5 a side or Futsal formation, is a basic set up that puts defending first with 2 at the back, 1 central player and a single attacking striker. Even with mini soccer and adult futsal football there are advantages and disadvantages to these set ups. It is more defensively structured than the 2-0-2.  It plays one single striker and adds a midfield player who will need to support the attacker as well as being ready to defend effectively as part of the team.




The midfielder is likely to give the defense more support than in the 2-0-2.
Either of the two defenders should be able to make runs forward in the knowledge they will be supported by the midfielder.


The two defenders cannot simply rely on the midfielder to do all the attacking.
The midfield player will need excellent stamina to support both defense and attack.




Set Up: This shows how we could set up in a 211 against a 121 formation, highlighting where we can gain advatanges
Phase 1: This shows basic options for the GK playing out from the back
Phase 5: Defending balanced against a 121, results in our CM dropping into our back line when defender comes out to press
 More to follow...