Attacking Centrally | MSG / Phase (01-S7)

This Level 3, 2 Part Session combines a MSG and Phase Of Play practice to develop team's abilities to attack in central areas.

Medium Sided Game
This Medium Sided Game is played in an area 50 x 60 yards. Reds attack in a 322 (simulating a 433) against Blues in a 232 (simulating a 343). Reds must simply create opportunities through combining in central areas, with Blues defending as normal.
This practice can be coached on Level 3 and 4 Coach Education courses and to also develop attacking units in their teams. This can be seen as a bridge between Level 2 Small Sided Games (4 v 4) and full 11 v 11 games.
Player Focus
Combination Play | Dispersal To Create Space | Passing Quality | Finishing
Level 3 Small Sided Game 23C1

Level 3 Small Sided Game 23C2
Phase Of Play
This Phase of Play is played in an area with full pitch width and 2/3s length. A single full size goal at one end for Reds to attack and 2 mini goals for Blues to score into. Blues defend in a 340 (343 without strikers) against Reds in a 232 (442 Diamond without CBs and CDM), who must attack in central areas.
Blues must attempt to link with 1 floater at the opposite end to score in one of two mini goals. This Phase can be used on UEFA B and UEFA A courses or in the development of attacking units and allows the coach to build on various level 2 sessions and Functional practices. This can be seen as a bridge between Level 3 Medium Sided Games and 11 v 11 practices.
Player Focus
Combination Play | Dispersal To Create Space | Passing Quality | Finishing

Level 3 Phase Of Play 23B1

Level 3 Phase Of Play 23B2

Touchtight Coaching Tips
Coaches should focus on space created through Reds intelligent movement and on those spaces vacated by Blues during the team's own attacks. You can also use these questions to identify how the session can be developed to communicate and embed key coaching points into the group's understanding of attacking play.
1. Are Blues defending as you would expect? Observe shape and ensure they are managed to get the correct key coaching points out for Reds during the attacking phase.
2. With formation as shown, can you create 4 v 3s to break and focus on decision making in advanced areas; this will normally occur on the counter.
3. Again, coach positioning near attacking third will allow you to identify offsides, possibly manage Blues to play high allowing you to work on forward runs in behind.
4. This session should be allowed enough free play for Reds to be creative with their combinations, encourage forward runs off the ball and the magic pass to create opportunties.