Counter Attacking | Skill (02-P3)

Football Practice Series:

Duration: 25 minutes      Skill: Counter Support      Age Group: 11+
Couple Of Football Cones   12 CONES         Football Game     5-10 BALLS             Football Player Running Behind The Ball 1    16           Football Strategic Sketch     MEDIUM            Icon  30 X 30 YARDS
Player Focus:
Passing Weight/Direction - Timing of Movement - Support Play - Rotation



    • CP 1: 2 v 2 with a floater in 15 x 15, when possession won play ball into striker and player to support creating 2 v 1 to a finish; work both directions.

      • Progression: 2 Players to support striker, defender active on first touch. 1 recovering defender creates 3  v 2 situation - players rotate attackers and defenders


Touchtight Soccer Drill Key Points: 

Key Coaching Questions:
  • How quickly can you escape possession press?
  • How can you hold ball up effetcively for support?
  • What movement is best to create and exploit space in 2 v 1 overload?
  • Magic Pass and Clinical Finishing in the box?


Technical Detail:
  • Speed and angle of support
  • Initial touch out of square and pass with intent to attack quickly
  • Decision to lay off or turn for striker, depending on defenders skills and decision making
  • Non verbal and verbal cues to break space and create clear opportunities
  • Finishing technique, being clinical in and around the box