Attacking Centrally | Tech / SSG (01-S3)

This session is comprised of 2 practices, Technical and Small Sided Game practices, with the aim to develop small numbers to attack centrally.

Technical Practice
This practice area is in a 302 yard area, with a GK at each end keeping goal and 2 groups of players at the side of each goal to combine to score. 3 cones positioned for each group (CB,WM,ST), with 1 player on each to begin.
See combination shown between players to get a shot off on goal, or for cross to be delivered. Players must move to the next station once shot has been taken.
Player Focus
Passing Weight/Direction | Timing Of Movement | Support Play | Rotation
Level 2 Technical Practice 22A1
Key Coaching Point | Vary Combination Play
Players can choose their own combinations with flexibility.
Small Sided Game
This Small Sided Game is to encourage players to attack centrally effectively and builds on the Technical and Skill practices for this topic. The playing area is 302 yard area, with a goal at each end and two Goalkeeper's to protect.
The pitch is split in half for you to recognise areas where players can build through with rotation to attack, whilst maintaining security. Coach Reds to combine centrally and manage Blues to defend, providing challenge and allowing freedom for players during the game.
Player Focus
Passing Weight/Direction | Timing Of Movement | Support Play | Rotation
Level 2 Small Sided Game 22C1


Touchtight Coaching Tips
In this session, coaches must focus on the following key coaching points to develop players ability to attack effectively in central areas:
1. Ability to play directly into ST and provide supporting runs in behind.
2. Develop supporting runs for lay off and through balls for runners from deep.
3. Rotational movement, possibly condition forward run after pass and teammate to offer security.
4. Player passing and control quality (weight and accuracy) timings showing team and player understanding (relationships).