Mini Football Formations: 2121 Analysis - High Diamond (4013)

Similar to the 2-3-1, but this formation now splits the midfield into two attacking midfielders and a more defensive midfielder. All midfielders should play a part in attacking and defending, but this formation allows specific players to adopt an attacking or defending role: 3 of the team are more attacking, and 3 are more defending. This is excellent if your defensive midfielder is a good ball-player who can set up attacks as well as protect the 2 defenders.
Provides balance between defence and attack
Allocating a more defensive midfielder reduces the risk of all of the midfielders rushing forward without supporting defenders
Risk of the team operating as two separate units – the front 3 in attack and the back 3 in defense – rather than one cohesive team.
Defensive midfielder needs to be tactically aware and a good distributor of the ball.
Set Up: Diamond shape allows us to build effectively through central areas as shown
Phase 2: Developing Phase, this shows how we can build attacks from defenders through the thirds
Phase 5: Defending Balance phase shows how we need to maintain compactness in and around goal