Mini Football Formations: 222 Analysis - Compact Centrally (4014)

The 2-2-2, appears not to provide much structured width, instead relying on the forward attacking players making the wide runs. But this could still be effective where players have enough positional discipline to make runs either forward or wide, and for other players to cover appropriately for them.


Provides a solid unit that can regain possession high up the pitch 
Midfielders can provide support for the defence, as well as support the attack, resulting in a fluid and dynamic formation.



Real lack of width from back to front and so they need to recognise who will create this width beforehand<
Could be exposed if opposition plays 2 high and wide, Centre midfielder may have to drop in deep to create 3 at the back
Requires a clear understanding between players to regain possession high up the pitch 
Set Up: This shows coverage that this formation can provide both in and out of possesison with a clear strength in central areas
Attacking: Example attacking phase, shows Up-Back-Through with support for Striker and runs in behind to break defensive line
Defending: You will find most attacks to defend will come from wide areas, important for midfielders to work back and across to keep shape


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