Mini Football Formations: 231 Analysis - Balanced Approach (4015)

This now appears to be the most popular formation in a 7 v 7 format, providing balance in each phase. It’s heavy on midfielders who are expected to help out defenders as well as providing support to forwards in their attack. This balance between attack and defence makes this one of the most adopted tactics in youth football. 





Provides a solid defensive foundation
Midfielders can provide support for the defence, as well as support the attack, resulting in a fluid and dynamic formation.
Width created from the left and right midfielders. Effective with pace and stamina to both support attacks and help defenders



Can be demanding for midfielders, whose versatility is vital to make this work.
2 defenders could be vulnerable if midfield do not have the discipline to track runners.
Possible lack of support to the striker if no worries beyond.
Set Up: This shows coverage that this formation can provide both in and out of possesison
Phase 2: Our central striker can act as a forward pivot that combines for forward runners in the final third
Phase 5: Defending Balance allows us to set up in a 23, with strength centrally we can force play inside if necessary.

Touchtight Tips: ..

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