Defend The Defending Third | MSG (03-P11)

Set Up
This Medium Sided Game is played as an 8 v 8, with team 1 (Greens) set up to defend in a 232 v team 2 (Oranges) attacking in a 331 or 313. Team 1 will be coached during their defensive phase and team 2 managed to attack and cause problems for them.
Objective is for defensive units to work together in limiting space in front, behind and between players, in addition to circulating the ball to prevent attackers penetrating lines.



Duration | 30 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 16+
Player Focus
Defensive Shape | 1 v 1 Defending Technique | Compactness | Defend The Goal | Ball Circulation


Key Coaching Questions

  • Defensive Compactness - Unit understanding?
  • Space recognition - Do you drop or press based on attacking teams triggers?

Progression 1

  • Team must have shot in goal in 10 seconds of regaining possession.

Key Coaching Questions

  • How is your security when regaining possession to counter?
  • Where are gaps that need to be sured up in defending half - How can we limit these gaps?