Counter Attacking | Phase (02-P10)

Set Up
This Phase of play is played in an area of full pitch width and 2/3s length. A single full size goal at one end for team to attack and 2 mini goals for opposition to score into. Opposition build out in a 440 (replicating a 442 without strikers) against countering team in a 252 (352 without CB), who must defend and counter quickly on regaining possession.
Opposition must attempt to link with 1 of 2 attacking target players at the opposite end to score in central mini goal.
Duration | 30 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 19+



Coaching Point 1: Pressing from Midfield players (8) regain with forward pass and quick resulting counter priority. Should player drive or look for direct pass into forward?

Level 3 Phase Of Play 13C2


Coaching Point 2: On regaining possession in midfield, striker immediately shows for bounce pass to feet. How quick can forward players recognise space to combine?

Level 3 Phase Of Play 13C3


Coaching Point 3: Advanced Full looking for 2nd runner in this example (10). How often do players look further than the first passing option for runner into space created?


Touchtight Coaching Tips

  • In this session, you must focus on observing the Pinks ability to counter attack with a single player overload and on Oranges general attacking play. You must focus on these question areas and use your own knowledge of the counter attacking phase:
  • Does the Oranges attacking play allow Pinks to counter when they regain possession? Probably need to focus on Oranges FB overlaps or CM forward runs to develop Pinks counter
  • How do Pinks tend to counter? In initial stages, observe if they opt to quick counter. If not, find out reasons and express benefits of counter attacking quickly.
  • Employ somebody to run offside line to ensure final ball being played is well timed and game realistic, hugely important for developing teams counter attacking final third.
  • So, how can you progress this session? Could constrain Pinks to score in 10-12 seconds, nurture quick combinations with 1-2 touch condition and so on.