Counter Attacking | Skill (02-P5)

Football Practice Set Up

This Counter Attacking Soccer Practice is set as shown, with a 30 x 30 Yard area in which to work, as well as a 15 x 15 area at the top of the pitch for players to keep possession. There are 3 goals, 1 main goal protected by a goalkeeper and 2 mini goals for players to score into.
We have a floating player from which possession team can bounce ball into to score quickly. Objective here is for 3 to make 10 passes before breaking out via floater to score and for 2 defenders to regain possession to pass into Striker (marked by a DF) to break out and combine to score in a 2 v 1.  
    • CP 1. Focus on speed of counter attack and weight of pass into striker to support and finish. Develop understanding between passer and striker - crucial.


      Player Focus

      Speed of Counter - Supporting Angles - Finishing - Use Of Overload


Level 2 Skill Practice 12B2


    • CP 2. Develop player concentration with supporting run only made by non passing player. How switched on are players? Do they need individual challenges?


Level 2 Skill Practice 12B3
    • CP 3. Move 2 players into wide areas, leaving 2 v 1 in central zone (smaller 10 x 10). On regaining possession, pass to wide player to deliver cross in 2 v 1.


Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

This can be a great practice to encourage various types of counter attacking, especially quick combination counter attacks in small spaces. Coaches can focus on the speed of the counter and in particuilar the importance of player decisions.
When regaining possession, players must break quickly and be decisive with their final pass and finishing in dangerous attacking positions.