Football Practices Series: Improve Final Third Combinations (1007-P1)

This attacking combination football practice can be used to develop combination play in final third to finish attacks. The Practice area is a 30 x 25 yard area split into 2 halves and 2 mini goals at each end for players to finish. It contains 10 players, with a 3 v 1 played in each half of the playing area and 2 floating players on the outside. Objective is for teams of 3 to make 5 passes before transferring possession through 1 of 2 floaters, who must then combine with single striker to finish 1 or 2 touch in either of 2 mini goals. 
Duration: 25 minutes    Skill: Combination Play    Age Group: 11+
couple of football cones   6 CONES         football game     1 BALL             football player running behind the ball 1    10 PLAYERS           football strategic sketch     EASY             icon  30 x 25 YARDS

Player Focus

Angles and Distances - Reconition of space - Quick passing - Movement to lose players - Double Movement - Final Pass - Execute Finish




Key Technical Coaching Questions:
  • How can you lose players in clear under load in attacking third?
  • How can floaters make this practice much easier? 
  • How are defenders reacting to the practice? - What should you do as a result?
  • What must you do to get shot off quickly in attacking half? 
Possible Progressions:
  • Progression 1: Floating player can join in to create 2 v 3
  • Progression 2: 3 Possession players can play directly into striker who can combine with supporting floating player (2 v 3)
  • Progression 3: Option to combine with either floater or striker first and both floating players join in to create 3 v 3 (if you have 12 or more players)