Formations Mini - Playing 131 (4019)

Formation Analysis

The 31 formation offers real security in defense covering the width of the pitch in their own half. In addition to this the threat during attacks can be more effective with supporting runs possible from all areas of the pitch, causing uncertainty for opposition defenders.
The striker in this formation must be able to hold up the ball and also be a threat in behind to stretch defenders, creating space for support players in the attacking third.





+ Strength in defensive areas covering full width
+ Unpredictable support from deep areas causing teams problems during their defensive phase



- Can be weak in attacking phases, if defenders are not encouraged to support striker with forward runs
- Players must have a real understanding of who should go and who should cover in relation to the movement of the ball



Set Up: With a clear strength in defensive areas, we can see areas of the pitch where we may able to advance




Phase 1: When building attacks, recognise which players press and identify how to break lines as shown
Phase 6: You may find you are defending 3 v 3 often in central areas, recognise how and when to engage covering passing lines