Midfield Combination Play | Technical Practice (36-P1)


Set Up
This practice is organised in a circle area laid out with a 20 - 30 yard diameter depending on player numbers, with 2 players combining centrally and outside players as passers and receivers.
Circle area laid out with a 20 yard diameter depending on player numbers, with 2 players combining centrally and outside players as passers and receivers. Ball on the outside, passed into player 1 who sets player 2 who passes out to different player on the outside. Immediately get ready for next pass, could start with 2 or more balls.
Player Focus
Touch | Movement To Receive | Communication | Passing Quality | Awareness
28 Circle Combinations B
Progression 1 | In To Out Rotation
Purple 3 moves to outside after passing to Green 7, who sets Purple 2 lay off for Purple 3 to restart. Green 7 and Purple 2 now central. Restart.
28 Circle Combinations C
Progression 2 | Passer Steps In
2 Vary rotational movement with passing player then becoming player who sets. Continue rotation.
28 Circle Combinations D
Progression 3 | Simple Circle Switch
2 Groups communicate between themselves when players can switch outside; encourage checking shoulders
Touchtight Coaching Tips
Start practice off with simple combination, but coach must be in control as progressions take place, as younger players may find difficult to understand. 2-4 balls depending on quality/age of players.
Each pair to work for between 60-120 seconds before rotating players for initial exercise.
Key Coaching Points | 1 & 2
  • 1. Angles & Distances of teammates when receiving pass and touch of partner(on 3 minutes)
  • 2. Passing quality of all players - weight and accuracy making it simple for receiver to play quickly (on 6 minutes)
Progression 1 | 6 minutes
  • 1. Player rotation, with passing player moving to outside and outside player moving inside.
Key Coaching Points | 3 & 4
  • 3. How does this influence speed of practice and player thinking? - (on 9 minutes)
  • 4. With additional thought processes, what must players begin to do to maintain fluidity of practice? (on 12 minutes)
Progression 2 | 12 minutes
  • 2. Passing player now steps inside to combine with support player
Key Coaching Points | 5 & 6
  • 5. Variation in rotation again alters thinking process - how does this impact on you ? (on 15 minutes)
  • 6. How can you ensure ball speed and reactions to movement or quick?  (on 18 minutes)
Progression 3 | 18 minutes
  • 3. If enough players 12+ split into 1 circles and players can switch circles every 5 passes
Summarised Points
  • How can your touch can be improved when setting players?
  • What area of this practice did you do well in and how could you make improvements? (movement, touch etc.)