1 v 1 Defending/Pressing | Skill (25)

The simplest of practices for defending and/or dribbling technique. Here we start in a 15 x 15 yard area, with 1 player passing to a player at the opposite end and objective is to dribble past defender over end line. Coach can work on individual attacking and defensive technique or combine both with each intervention.
1 v 1 defending

Player Focus

Defensive technique - Dribbling - Reading player - Feints - Speed of Movement

P1: Cone Targets

Add 2 areas in each corner of opposite end, to focus attacker on being direct, eases defending slightly.

P2: Targets both ends

Defender also has target to attack on winning possession, work speed of transition attacking and defending



P3: Floater Combination

Add a floater either side, whereby attacker must combine in front or behind to attack coned area, defender will drop


Touchtight's Soccer Tips

For younger age groups such as our 5-8 range, we must add elements of fun to this practice. We can add scores and make it a competition with first to 5 before rotating. We could also have different grids of 1 v 1, where players move up and down depending on challenges achieved; titled Champions League, Premier League etc. whilst maintaining development of technique.
S - SPACE:  Could play in a smaller area to make it more difficult to attack or vice versa to test defenders. Different shape with a funnel testing 1 player more than the other.
T - TIME: Players must get over the line in 6 seconds or regain in this time, otherwise possession transferred
E - EQUIPMENT: As with the addition of cones, could split zone into 4 with a flat disc centrally and work different areas
P - PLAYERS: 1 v 1 is 1 v 1 so do what you will, we've pushed it here adding floaters!