Shooting In & Around The Penalty Area | Tech (21-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

Individual practice, working with the coach to develop finishing. Area is set up as shown with player positioned 20 yards from goal, with coach in the corner of area with supply of balls. Player starts practice by making run off the cone and coach passes ball for player to finish, focusing on technique hitting the ball low an into corners.



Player Focus

Finishing Technique - Concentration - Spacial Awareness - Timing of runs

P1: 4 Goal Variation

Player must now alternate by finishing each ball in a different goal, depending on service

Touchtight Coaching Tips:

We can develop this practice in many ways, yet for this age group we must focus on technique and the introduction of various targets will probably be enough to test younger players. Observe their approach, contact with the ball and body position on contact to make necessary adjustments with both feet.
S - Alter distance depending on age and ability of players, this can include taking an extra touch to shoot closer to goal if necessary
T - Add competition between players, e.g. time taken to finish 8 balls and measure how many on target.. be creative in totalling scores
E - For each goal, position small markers a yard inside each post for players to finish into gaps, extra points for achieving this target
P - Individual player focus