Football Practice Set Up


This Sharp Shooting practice is set up as shown, ideally inside the 18 yard box with a 30 x 18 yard area. We start with 6 feeder players on the outside, with a goal with GK and 2 v 2 in possession. Can be coach led through shouting out numbers, or players on the outside can dictate practice between them by rolling ball in. Pairs must finish all balls.

Player Focus

Reactions - Ability 1 v 1 - Finishing - Combination Play - Decision Making



Allow outside players to bounce ball back 1 touch only, to encourage movement to receive from different angles





Feeder becomes a floater creating overload to increase shooting opportunities. Change player on transition




Floaters now rotate for specific team, encouraging movement and more game like situations to lose markers

Touchtight Football Coaching Tips

This is a quick fire practice that players enjoy with the opportunity for all individuals involved in creating and scoring chances. Ensure a collection of balls are available and if possible all outside players start with 2 balls each. Also encourage speed of getting shot off with possible introduction of time to shoot once ball played.

S - Space - Depending on numbers increase size if necessary and could also limit areas that players can score from, i.e. only within 6 Yard box for crosses

T - Time - As mentioned give condition for shot to be taken i.e. 8 seconds. Could also set time to work pair for 2 minutes

E - Equipment - If no GK, could position 2 mini goals on end line and players can only score 1 touch encouraging defending team to drop off

P - Players - Progressions change players as shown, innovative coaches can rotate players into 3 v 3, or add a floater or 2 in central area, don't be afraid to experiment

Coaches can develop this practice in whatever way you wish, maintaining enjoyment and improvements in finishing. Focus on technical points such as shooting in corners, ability to beat players 1 v 1 and combine to get in behind.