Improve Finishing | Tech / Skill (09-S1)

Phase 3: Finishing the Attack

Age Group 9+

Duration 60 minutes

Players 6+

This 2 part 60 minutes session can be applied to players 9 and above and requires 6 or more players to compete in a technical and skill based practice.


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Improve Finishing | Skill Practice (09-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
In this Technical practice, we have 4 passing players on the outside of the 18 yard Box with 3 or 4 balls each. Attacking players begin in the central square, attacking 1 player at a time with the objective for a single attacking player to finish 4 chances against Goalkeeper. Once a player has 4 shots, they move to back of the player line and next player steps up to repeat; progressions below.
Key Coaching Point | 1
  • The movement to get on the ball must be sharp - game tempo.

09 P1a

Progressions & Constraints | 1
Players vary delivery from outside, short and long.. high balls or passes on the floor
Key Coaching Question
How can you ensure you work the goalkeeper? Where is GK's strong point?

09 P1b

Progressions & Constraints | 2
After defenders pass the ball into the area, they then press the attacker to put semi-pressure on finishing players.
Key Coaching Point | 2
  • Adjust to different types of pressure and identify how your game changes as a result of these passive defenders being introduced.


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Skill Practice


Improve Finishing | Skill Practice (09-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
In this combination and finishing practice, 2 attackers must create angles quickly to score in any of the 4 mini goals against 4 defenders. This extreme overload requires speedy movement a recognition from the coach or support player to spot movement to play into feet for a quick finish. If defenders win possession, they must make 5 passes before finishing in any mini goal.

09 P2 1


09 P2 2

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Quick movement to create and exploit space and finish quickly
  • Technical | First touch away from defenders and shooting to finish quickly
  • Social | Quick combinations under pressure. Change from 2 to 3 players



09 P2 3

Progressions & Constraints
  • Develop a 3 v 3 and score in any of the 4 goals, challenging the first team to score in any 3 of 4 mini goals first.
Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you overcome this defending overload in a 4 v 2? What is important?
  • How does opposition change in 3 v 3 and how do you alter your attacks?