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Forward Passing & Support Play | Skill Practice (43-P3)

Set Up / Organisation
This is practice 3 of Coaching Theme 43 Forward Passing, based off the passing genius of Xabi Alonso. With a 4 v 4 based in a 25 by 25 yard central zone, players attempt to break out of this area to create a one v one with a waiting defender and finish in one of the mini goals.

43 P3 1


43 P3 2

  • Possession teams can use their teammates outside of the zone to bounce on one touch to relieve pressure.

43 P3 3

Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Progress by allowing an additional defender to step in with the ball on one touch, which then triggers an opposition defender to press in a 5 v 5.

43 P3 4


43 P3 5

Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • We can progress this further by using the zone line as offside. If a ball is played through for a forward runner who finishes on one touch, the team gets 2 goals.

43 P3 6

Key Individual Coaching Points
  • Individual objectives are based on midfield players looking away from the ball for space to penetrate
  • We can then focus on players finding spaces to exploit to receive penetrating passes

43 P3 7

  • Finally, individual 1 v 1 attacking ability with dribbling in tight spaces can be developed.