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Switching Play | Opposed Practice (39-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
25 x 25 Yard areas with 4 v 4 possession in each. Between each of the 2 areas, each team has a player at each end available to switch play in 2 touches unopposed. Objective is for possession team to make 5 passes before switching to teammates through outside player.

39 P2 1

Progressions and Constraints
  • Overload side where team is looking to switch from to escape pressure
  • Add goals for Yellows to finish into on winning possession
  • Pressure on outside player and allow rotation between outside & central players

39 P2 2

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Recognise how and when to switch play to escape pressure.
  • Technical | Ability to play pass with weight and accuracy to switch quickly.
  • Social | Build relationships creating space to play under pressure quickly.
Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you create space for your team to switch play quickly?
  • How are opposition defending and how can you exploit this?