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Defending Outnumbered | Skill Practice (13-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
This practice is played in a single half of the pitch and the width of the 18 Yard box. Based on a 343, we have Gold players defending in a 3 v 3, ready for a possible counter. 4 players look to keep the ball against 3 players who counter attack on winning possession. 2 attacking players can support the counter, with a single defender recovering, creating a 5 v 4. If defended well and possession regained, players can pass back into the possession zone to continue practice.

Defending Outnumbered 13 P2 2

Key Coaching Points
  • (Tactical points) Effective decisions to press or delay
  • (Technical points) Body shape and position in unit defending.
  • (Social points) Support teammates when they press, with effective covering positions to protect.

Defending Outnumbered 13 P2 3


Progressions & Constraints 1
Progress to allow attackers to score if they break the defensive line.


Defending Outnumbered 13 P2 4


Progressions & Constraints 2
Challenge further by moving a red player forward, allowing 4 attackers to score in a 4 v 2 in 10 seconds...


Defending Outnumbered 13 P2 5


Progressions & Constraints 3
..Otherwise possession is transferred for a 4 v 3 counter for the opposition, with one player recovering.



Defending Outnumbered 13 P2 6


Key Questions
  • How are you regaining possession by pressing effectively?
  • How and when do you decide to press as a group?
  • How do progressions influence your defending and how do you adapt as a defensive group?