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Opposed Skill


Defending Outnumbered | Opposed (13-P3)

Organisation / Set Up
This opposed defending practice is part 3 of theme 13 Defending Outnumbered, working 3 defenders against 6 possession players. In this 25 by 25 Yard area, there is a 10 by 10 area where defenders will begin, the objective is for the passing team to combine with a single teammate in the central area to play through; defenders must stop this.

Defending Outnumbered 13 P3 1

Key Coaching Points
  • (Tact) Decisions to press
  • (Tech) Body shape and position in defending 1 v 1.
  • (Psych) Support teammates by covering effectively.

Defending Outnumbered 13 P3 2


Progressions & Constraints 1
By allowing attackers to play through to the opposite half without going through the central square, forces defenders to cover more space.


Defending Outnumbered 13 P3 3


Progressions & Constraints 2
Reduce the challenge, by conditioning the possession team to 2 touch, allowing defenders more chance of winning the ball by pressing early to regain..



Defending Outnumbered 13 P3 4


Key Questions
  • How are you regaining possession by pressing effectively?
  • How and when do you decide to press as a group?
  • How do progressions influence your defending and how do you adapt as a defensive group?