Attacking Centrally | Opposed / Tech / SSG (01-S2)

Phase 3: Finishing the Attack

Age Group 11+

Duration 60 minutes

Players 12+

This 3 Part - 90 minute session on Attacking Centrally, combines an opposed skill practice with a technical drill and finally a creative Small Sided Game, with 10 players. The focus is on developing attacks in central areas for 11+, with coaches responsible for setting constraints and freedoms relevant for their age group and level of player; player numbers can be adjusted.



Attacking Centrally | Skill (01-P2)


Set Up
In this Opposed Skill Practice, the focus is on central combinations, allowing teams to attack in central areas.
Duration | 30 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 16+


2 Directional Practice - This practice focuses on developing attacking play through Defending players. With two target players in 52 yard zones for each team to play through. Attacking team must combine with at least 1 target player during attack.
With this 4 v 4 + GKs, target players will come into play and be replaced by existing possession player during build. 1 Floater in central area and 2 end zone players who team can combine with to finish.


Conditions | Restrictions
Touches | All in central areas, Floaters either side and central areas on 2 touch
Zones | 1 main playing zone, 4 x 5 x 5 yard target zones
Pitch size | 40 x 40 yard area 
Key Coaching Points
  • Defending teams will attempt to cover these players and so attacking team must work angles and spaces to combine in central area.
  • Movement to create and use space (go & show).
Progression 1
  • Rotation with end floaters as well as zone floaters.
Key Coaching Points
    • 1 and 2 touch combinations.
    • Rotational Movement for players in and out of zones.
    • Progression 2
        • 2 Goals if you can finish 1 touch off end players.

Improve Finishing | Opposed (09-P3) 


This animated football practice helps to develop 1 v 1 attacking and defending, with an emphasis on attacking player's movement to beat defenders and to lose markers to attack crosses.


Attacking Centrally | Skill (01-P1)

Set Up
Between 202 and 302 yard area depending on age group. 4 v 4 or more (Coach choice and numbers) with a goal and GK at each end. Players must combine with a central target player to score with quick combination. Area has two central areas 52 yard zones where target players must play 1 or 2 touch combinations with attacking team.


Player Focus
Passing Weight/Direction | Timing of Movement | Support Play | Rotation
Touchtight Coaching Tips
Try to allow free play and recognise opportunities for possession team to combine quickly with forward passes. If opposition start to protect target players, may need to enforce passing conditions (e.g. 10 passes a goal) to force pressure. Be creative and think about other progressions that could be implemented using STEP model, or ask players to create their own.