Free Soccer Drills



Interchanging Positions | Technical Practice (04-P3)

Set Up / Organisation
This practice develops passing and movement with quick, short sharp combinations in tight spaces. With 4 stations for players to begin their movement, our first player begins the sequence by playing a 15 yard pass, who can set in one touch for the passer to play through to the next station. The next 2 players perform the same sequence with each player following their pass.

04 P3a

Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Vary movement between players after their pass, with option to play first time, make 3rd man runs and jacks plays.

04 P3b

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Identify how this links with each players game in their positions
  • Technical | First touch to set and quality of pass to play on back foot
  • Social | Understand movement of teammates and how to combine most effectively. (What is their best foot, do they play in 1 touch etc.)?

04 P3c

Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you ensure each pass is the best quality (10 out of 10 passing)?
  • What type of pass does your teammate want to receive, and how can you provide this consistently?
  • Feedback on the types of movement you are making in this practice. How does it link to your game?