Counter Attacking | Skill (02-P1)





Set Up

This Skill practice contains 16 players with a 7 v 7, including GKs, and 2 additional floating players. A 4 v 4 exists in a central area of 25 x 30 yards, with 2 floating players to support, in addition to an attacker and defender for both teams outside of the area. Objective is to break quickly in gaining possession to create an initial 2 v 1 overload in final third to finish.

Initial objective is for one team to keep possession whilst other team aims to win possession to counter quickly off their supporting striker in a 2 v 1 in attacking zone.

Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 16+


Key Coaching Points | Timing of Movement and Pass 

Assess movement of A & position of D to select best passing option. Execution & nature of forward passing, with emphasis on accuracy, weight & whether aerial or along ground. Remaining on-side. Finishing skills & composure in front of goal between striker and supporting runner. Precise control to enable MF’s to play with head up & assess opportunity to play into striker with quality & accuracy. 

Progression 1 | 3 v 2 on Counter

On winning possession, teams can now provide 2 supporting runners to link up with the hold up striker with one defender tracking runners, resulting in a 3 v 2 in attacking zone.



Progression 2 | Rotational Movement in Advanced Area

Our final progression now requires our striker dropping in to combine in the possession area on team regaining possession and teammate inside area making an off the ball run into the attacking zone. Player can finish in a 1 v 1, or striker can support to create a 2 v 1 to finish.





Watch this great clip on Klopp's Liverpool Counter Attacking.. The future of the game.