Progressive Sprints (1070-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

Running area set up as 50 x 40 in this example, but depending on age group could work with half or full pitch if available.
Position 8 stations around the outside of the pitch, each with 2 players. Group must start by sprinting 1 section and jogging 7, followed by sprinting 2 and jogging 6 and so on until they sprint the full circuit.
39 Progressive Sprints

Player Focus

Speed - Endurance - No Pacing - Maintain Speed - Recovery


Touchtight Tips

Key Points Focus
    1. Focus on players s a group to ensure all are putting in maximal effort
    2. Identify pairings where there is a large difference in pace - future change
    3. Decide if players must reverse run, based on outcomes and player age
Group Objectives
  • Motivate themselves and others throughout - Maximal combined effort to progress