Finishing In & Around The Box | Opposed (33-P1)



Set Up
This practice is set up in an area 40 x 20 yards, with a goal with GKs either end. The area is split into two 202 yards, with half of the group working each side. Defenders pass the ball into attacker in opposite area and attacker starts practice by dribbling into other half and shooting. Players to continue this pattern and change Defenders with attackers after 3-4 minutes; working both ends at the same time.
Player Focus
Finishing Technique | Decisions (Pass or Shoot) | Both Feet | Movement In The Box
Progression 1 | 2 v 1
Create 2 v 1 situation, with a focus on when to pass and when to attack space to finish, rotate defenders.
Progression 2 | 3 v 1 Crosses
Now, we work on finishing from crossing, with attacker passing to either wide player and attacking area.
Progression 3 | Competition Time
Same conditions with a timed competition element. i.e 1 point for individual finish, 2 for cross etc. over 5 minutes.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
Players love finishing and it is important that you have a large collection of balls available to ensure the session flows. The competitive element is important here and adds enjoyment and focus on player objectives. We can obviously work Defenders and goalkeepers here regarding their positioning, decisions and communication.

S - SPACE: Condition players to finish no closer than 15 yards, possibly add wide areas for crossing element. Key Point: attacking space to finish, use of feints


T - TIME: Competition element timed between 2-5 minutes, give players 5 seconds to finish from first touch. Key Point: timing of movement into the box


E - EQUIPMENT: Introduction of goals and wide areas, maybe boxes players must play first pass into. Key point: Technique and aiming for corners


P - PLAYERS: Always an overload to create opportunities progressing from technical practice. Key Point: Know how to use overload - drive at defender to release teammate.