MF Combination Play - Tech (1036-P1)

Football Practice:



Circle area laid out with a 20 - 20 yard diameter depending on player numbers, with 2 players combining centrally and outside players as passers and receivers. Ball on the outside, passed into player 1 who sets player 2 who passes out to different player on the outside. Immediately get ready for next pass, could start with 2 or more balls.


Player Focus

Touch - Movement To Receive - Communication - Passing Quality - Awareness

28 Circle Combinations B


Blue 3 moves to outside after passing to Red 7, who sets Blue 2 lay off for Blue 3 to restart. Red 7 and Blue 2 now central - Restart
28 Circle Combinations C


 2 Vary rotational movement with passing player then becoming player who sets - continue rotation
28 Circle Combinations D


2 Groups communicate between themselves when players can switch outside; encourage checking shoulders

Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

Start practice off with simple combination, but coach must be in control as progressions take place, as younger players may find difficult to understand. 2-4 balls depending on quality/age of players. Each pair to work for between 60-120 seconds before rotating players for initial exercise.


Key Coaching Questions (1 & 2):
  • 1. Angles & Distances of teammates when receiving pass and touch of partner(on 3 minutes)
  • 2. Passing quality of all players - weight and accuracy making it simple for receiver to play quickly (on 6 minutes)
Progression 1: (6 minutes)
  • 1. Player rotation, with passing player moving to outside and outside player moving inside.
Key Coaching Questions (3 & 4):
  • 3. How does this influence speed of practice and player thinking? - (on 9 minutes)
  • 4. With additional thought processes, what must players begin to do to maintain fluidity of practice? (on 12 minutes)
Progression 2: (12 minutes)
  • 2. Passing player now steps inside to combine with support player
Key Coaching Questions (5 & 6):
  • 5. Variation in rotation again alters thinking process - how does this impact on you ? (on 15 minutes)
  • 6. How can you ensure ball speed and reactions to movement or quick?  (on 18 minutes)
Progression 3: (18 minutes)
  • 3. If enough players 12+ split into 1 circles and players can switch circles every 5 passes
Summarised Points:
  • * How can your touch can be improved when setting players?
  • ** What area of this practice did you do well in and how could you make improvements? (movement, touch etc.)