Retain Possession To Attack | Opposed (17-P3) 

Football Practices Series:

This possession football practice can be used to develop player's ability to break defensive lines with forward passing. Practice will contain 15-16 players, with a 3 v 3 played in each half of the playing area and 4 floating players.
2 floaters play at each end, with 2 in central channel to combine. Objective is for team to be able to transfer possession from one area to another through floating players.
Duration: 25 minutes    Skill: Forward Passing    Age Group: 11+
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Progression 1

Central floater must now set player in possession team, who must now find a teammate in the opposite half. 

Progression 2

A teammate in the opposite half can now drop into central zone to provide support for floating player and defending team can send a player to apply pressure in a 2 v in central zone.


Progression 3

We can now add a goal either side of the playing area for the possession team to score after combination play, increasing challenge between teams.
Key Technical Coaching Questions:
  • How can you create space to play forward?
  • How often should you look away from the ball and why are you searching? 
  • How can floating players combine easier during pass transfer?
  • How quickly can you create angles off end players? 
Possible Progressions:
  • Progression 1: Central players must combine with 1 touch to play through to other half
  • Progression 2: First pass is played directly into opposite half, set for central floater to play through
  • Progression 3: One team could keep possession (e.g. 10 passes) as soon as opposition win they can break (developing counter)