Football Practice: Winning Ball In MF Areas - Transition Skill (1011c)

This Skill practice is centred around winning possession in Midfield areas to develop possession on the transition, focusing specifically on dispersal. Area is set up as a 40 x 30 yd square, with a 15 x 15 yard area in central area. Possession team begins with a 5 v 3 in smaller area attempting to make 10 passes, if single defender wins possession, 4 teammates come into play to create a 7 v 5 in larger area.   
If 3 players can't win the ball after 10 passes a teammate can create a 5 v 4 to support. Rotate player roles and encourage speed of pass and transition between attack and defence.
Duration: 30 minutes     Skill: Regaining Possession & Transition    Age Group: 11+ 

Set Up 1

Set up is as shown with a specific focus on speed of transition in and out possession.


Key Point 1

When possession won, spread play quickly to play in full space in 7 v 5


Progression 1

Introduce goals, defenders win possession can score immediately, or possession team can make 5-10 passes before finishing themselves.


Progression 2

Possession team can now break out to score after 5-10 passes, focus on speed of attack

Key Coaching Points:
  • Recognise when to press to regain possession, triggers on ball speed or touch important, speed to provide support by teammates
Progression 1:
  • Defending team can add another player to regain in central area, but attacking team only needs to make 5 passes to score
Key Coaching Questions:
  • Dispersal as soon as possession won. Speed of pass to break into open area, with angles and distances of immediate support as wide as possible
  • Progression 2:
    • Introduce goals at each end or 4 goals in each corner. If 5-10 passes made players can escape to score. If defenders win possession and make same number of passes they can also finish.
Key Coaching Point:
  • Recognition of when to escape and break to finish, replicating game situation with players more aware of game situation.