Paired Defending | Skill (59-P1)


Set Up
This simple 2 v 2 defending practice, is focused on developing a clear understanding of defensive responsibilities and the creation of a coherent paired understanding between defenders. Area is set up as a 30 x 25 yard area, with 2 mini goals positioned at each end.
Objective is for two attacking players to score with one touch in either mini goal, with defensive pair aiming to protect each goal, gain possession and attack the opposite end. Develop compeition between groups, if you have 8 or more players with league tables for pairs to get promoted or relegated.
Duration | 20 minutes
Age Group | 7+
Players | 4+
Key Coaching Point
  • Protecting space in behind, aware of attackers ability to score with one touch, quick decisions to press.
Progression 1
  • Attacking team can score a goal with 10 passes, encourages defenders to press quicker and be more decisive.
Key Coaching Point
  • More focused decisions as a pair to win possession and avoid quick shot. Attempt to force direction with angle of run on players first touch.
  • Progression 2
    • Attackers can now run ball into end zone, if forced direction, developing more 1 v 1s
Key Coaching Point
  • Defenders must not over compensate when forcing one way, be aware of quick players and showing onto stronger foot