Defending When Outnumbered | Opposed (13-P1)



Set Up
In this Defending outnumbered practice, we focus on defensive decision making in defending the goal in 3 v 2 situations. Defender starts with the ball and plays initial pass into striker and can press as soon as attacking player takes their first touch.
Objective is for 2 defenders to defend against counter and score in either one of mini goals as quickly as possible. 
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 9+
Players | 6+
Key Coaching Point 1
  • Defending decisions when 3 v 2 against. Do they press or delay.. forcing direction
Progression 1
  • Must develop crossovers and 3rd man runs before finishing
Key Coaching Point 2
  • Force direction and cut off attacking players with compact, adjustable defending
  • Progression 2
    • Introduce additional player as a striker, setting up as a 4 v 2, with recovering defender
    Key Coaching Point 3
    • How does this influence your defensive decision making when aware of additional players?