Developing Support Play | Opposed / Tech / Opposed (05-S2)

Phase 2: Possession Questions

Age Group 11+

Duration 90 minutes

Players 15+

In this 3 Part, 90 minute session, we combine a 4 v 2 opposed practice with a technical attacking practice and opposed skill practice to develop supporting runs and quick combination play in and around the box.



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Developing Support Play | Opposed Practice (05-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
In this Opposed 4 v 2 practice, possession team must keep the ball in each of the 4 areas within this 202, against 2 defending players who can press to regain in any area. If defenders win the ball, they can now play a 2 v 1 in a single 102 area to make 5 passes before moving into another square to do the same. When attacking team win the ball back, they keep possession in 4 v 2 again.


Key Coaching Points
  • Angles and Distances of possession players to the ball in 20 x 20 and defenders press on triggers.
  • How does rotation influence defenders and passing players? Less options? Easier to regain? Increased awareness of possession team?
  • Focus on looking away from the ball to observe pressure before switching play into another box.



Progressions & Constraints 1
Passing players must now rotate away from their pass at least every 3 or 4 passes. 10 Passes a goal, Defenders 5 passes a goal on regain.
Progressions & Constraints 2
Passing team must develop a 2 v 1 in a single square making 2/3 passes before switching play when pressured.






Developing Support Play | Technical Practice (05-P4)

Organisation / Set Up
In this Technical Practice, we have 4 passing players in each of two, 102 grids and 3 attacking players unopposed positioned on the edge of the box.

05 P4a

The objective is for one passing team to make 3/4 quick passes before playing ball into feet, with 1 supporting run to combine and finish from a cross or through ball. Once the first group goes, the next 4 players repeat opposite side with similar combinations, adding an element of competition between groups.

05 P4b

Key Coaching Point | 1
  • Speed of support, and weight of set and through balls important to create opportunities.
Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Pass comes from one box and supporting run comes from other side to develop increased movement off the ball.
Key Coaching Point | 2
  • Can you rotate after set and spin? Forward players movement off the ball important.
Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • Possibly add a single defender against 3 and increase support runners to 2; one from each area, creating 5 v 1.
Key Coaching Point | 3
  • With opposition, now players must time runs better and focus on attacking spaces quicker, with an enhanced understanding between passer and runners.





Developing Support Play | Opposed (05-P5)

Set Up
In this Opposed Skill practice, we have four passing players in a single 152 yard grid and three attacking players marked by three defenders around the edge of the box. Objective is for one player to break out of zone after 5 passes and play ball into attackers feet for set, creating 4 v 3 attacking play. If defenders win possession, they can initially run over end zone line, progressions possible.
Key Coaching Point | 1
  • Passing weight and ability of attacking players to hold up play and combine with supporting runners.



Progression & Constraints | 1
  • Introduce additional support runner creating 5 attacking players, could then move a defender into a more advanced zone so 3 v 2 and 2 v 1 zones.


Key Coaching Point | 2
  • How can you use overload effectively, taking into account offside lines?


Progression & Constraints | 2
  • Possibly split zones into 3 vertical areas, so defenders must press in 2 out of 3 zones. This will encourage attackers to use space in wide areas.
Key Coaching Point | 3
  • Adjust your positioning off the movement of the player in possession. Angles and support must be based on ball movement and defenders press.