Developing Support Play | Pattern Of Play (05-P7)

Set Up
In this Pattern Of Play Session, we are working in a 343 with play beginning initially from our GK into defenders and then directly into attacking players for us to build attacks in attacking third. Our opposition is set up as 6 outfield players and a goalkeeper making an 11 v 7 opposed practice, with defenders initially playing semi-opposed, allowing attacking team to develop combinations.


Progress to fully opposed with the flexibility of moving 1 or 2 players from attacking team to defending team, this will depend on ease of practice and coach approach.  
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 11+





Key Coaching Point 1
    • Players should be reliable enough to play at match tempo, so focus on speed of movement and ball speed during build up play.
Progression 1
    • Divide pitch into thirds and condition there to be at least 1 rotation of movement in each third before team can score. (e.g. overlap, 3rd man run)
Key Coaching Point 2
      • Where are the biggest gaps in 11 v 7 overload and how can these be exploited? How do the opposition try to limit this impact?
      • Progression 2
      • Coach could take away a player from attacking team and add to defending team e.g. CM to ST for opponents to increase difficulty building out
      • Key Coaching Point 3
        • How does your game change with increased difficulty? How can you maintain tempo and movement shown initially?