Developing Support Play | Small Sided Game (05-P6) 

Set Up
In this Small Sided Game football practice, we are working with a 5 v 5 + 2 Floater/Target players for Defending team to play into to combine and for attacking team to use to recycle play.


With pitch split into 2 halves, condition players to make forward runs to support from deeper half after 2-4 passes, with other players rotating deeper to fill void. Progressions possible to include floater players in play during build up.
Duration | 30 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 12+




Key Coaching Point 1
  • Speed and angles of supporting forward runs. Must be intelligent movement to break defensive lines, not runs for the sake of running forward.
Progression 1
  • 1 Floater can join in to make runs from deeper areas, or fill gaps left by forward runs from defending possession players.
Key Coaching Point 2
  • How does introducing floater enable you to play? How does this relate to an actual 11 v 11 game?
  • Progression 2
    • Could flip teams so attacking team can play off end floaters during attacks, enabling better timing of forward runs. 2 Goals for 1 touch finish off end player.
Key Coaching Point 3
  • Notice the difference with the introduction of this condition? Urgency increases but why and how does this relate to the game?