Developing Support Play | Opposed Skill (05-P5)


Set Up
In this Opposed Skill practice, we have four passing players in a single 152 yard grid and three attacking players marked by three defenders around the edge of the box. Objective is for one player to break out of zone after 5 passes and play ball into attackers feet for set, creating 4 v 3 attacking play.
If defenders win possession they can initially run over end zone line, progressions possible.



Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 15+


Key Coaching Point 1
    • Passing weight and ability of attacking players to hold up play and combine with supporting runners.
Progression 1
  • Introduce additional support runner creating 5 attacking players, could then move a defender into more advanced zone so 3 v 2 and 2 v 1 zones.
Key Coaching Point 2
  • How can you use overload effectively, taking into account offside lines?
Progression 2
    • Possibly split zones into 3 vertical areas, so defenders must press in 2 out of 3 zones. This will encourage attackers to use space in wide areas.
Key Coaching Point 3
    • Adjust your positioning off movement of player in possession, angles and support must be based on ball movement and defenders press.