Developing Support Play | Technical Practice (05-P4) 


Set Up
In this Technical Practice, we have 4 passing players in each of two, 102 grids and 3 attacking players unopposed positioned on the edge of the box.


Objective is for one passing team to make 3/4 quick passes before playing ball into feet, with 1 supporting run to combine and finish from a cross or through ball.
Once first group goes, next 4 players repeat opposite side with similar combinations, adding element of competition between groups.
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 12+




Key Coaching Point 1
  • Speed of support, and weight of set and through balls important to create opportunities.
Progression 1
  • Pass comes from one box and supporting run comes from other side to develop increased movement off the ball.
Key Coaching Point 2
  • Can you rotate after set and spin? Forward players movement off the ball important.
  • Progression 2
    • Possibly add a single defender against 3 and increase support runners to 2; one from each area, creating 5 v 1.
Key Coaching Point 3
  • With opposition, now players must time runs better and focus on attacking spaces quicker, with enhanced understanding between passer and runners.