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Finishing & Recovery | Skill (41-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
In this Finishing & Recovery Semi Opposed practice, we develop players ability to counter quickly to get shots off as well as the transition to losing possession to recover. 2 Directional Practice | This practice begins with 3 players on each cone at each end of the Pentagon shaped area, with 2 goals and a GK at each end and 2 mannequins in the centre of area as shown 10 yards apart. Objective is for attacker to run with the ball to finish, before recovering to chase attacker opposite side, who can not attack until first player takes their shot. Players must continue this cycle, both attacking and recovering for 3-4 minutes initially aiding recovery afterwards.

41 P1 A

Conditions / Restrictions
  • Touches: All in central areas
  • Zones: 1 main playing zone - Pentagon
  • Pitch Size: 352 yard area


Key Coaching Points
Work the goalkeeper with a variety of finishes, hitting the target each time, set players target of 5/6 for example of working GK. Speed of recovery to put immediate pressure on attacker, focusing on angle of recovery between player and goal.


Progressions & Constraints
  • Keep scores between players, develop contests between goalkeepers and possibly set time challenges for each group, or individual competitive pair.
  • Ask players what combinations they could add. e.g. Could have a ST to set who recovers after setting shooter. Shooter then becomes ST setting next player and so on.


Key Coaching Questions
  • How does this affect the practice? Slower/Faster. Accurate or inaccurate shots?
  • How can players mentally prepare themselves for reacting to their missed shots to defend counter? Which players switch off?