Interchanging Positions | Adv. Lead (04-P13)

Set Up
This practice illustrates how teams can interchange positions in the final third, with a specific focus on the movement between the front attacking players. Our set up shows the attacking team in a 2 and 3 attacking, with 2 supporting floater / target players behind.
The defending team is set up with a GK, back 4 and 1 midfield player to apply protection and pressure, with target players able to be utilised to bounce ball into when regaining possession.


Player Focus
Game Understanding | Eye Contact | Speed Of Rotations | Identifying Space To Exploit








Key Coaching Questions
  • Where are the immediate advantages in your set up and how might defenders react to this?
  • In what positions are you finding rotations are required, and why? 
Progression 1
  • Match formations up with a 13 against a 41 to encourage further rotation, and ask questions of defenders
Key Coaching Questions
  • How does this impact on the practice? More or less rotation, and why?
  • How can you get in behind their back line? What movement can be encouraged to achieve this?