Interchanging Positions | MSG (04-P11)



Set Up
This simple 8 v 8 Medium Sided Game is set up to encourage rotation between players with formations encouraging this movement. Conditions can be applied to small sided games to encourage rotations, e.g. Must make overlapping run, must play forward, must make eye contact with teammate off the ball after pass. There are many techniques that can be applied to encourage this interchanging of positions. 
Player Focus
Game Intelligence | Eye Contact | Speed Of Thought | Speed Of Movement








Key Coaching Questions
  • Where are gaps in the set up, and how can you exploit this?
  • Where are you finding that you're rotating most? Ask individuals why they're rotating with these players?
Progression 1
  • Possibly under/over load groups to encourage one team to have to lose players to build attacks
Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you improve your understanding with the player you are most likely to interchange positions with?
  • What success are you having, and how have you achieved this?