Interchanging Positions | Wave (04-P8)

Set Up
This Wave Practice develops 4 v 3 scenarios to develop interchanging movement between forward running attacking players, to gain an advantage in the Possession Phase. Each attacking play will begin with a deeper player who is played the ball by a server/coach or GK, who must then attack with 3 teammates against 3 defenders.
Attacking players need to create space for each other with intelligent movement during the attacking phase.


Player Focus
Game Intelligence | Eye Contact | Speed Of Thought | Speed Of Movement








Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you use your overload effectively to break down defensive 3?
  • What are defenders reacting to during attacks, and how can you overcome this strategy?
Progression 1
  • Push offside line back so movement must be quicker as defensive line pushes forward - quicker passes from possession player 
Key Coaching Questions
  • How do your runs change, and how does the practice tempo change? Why?
  • Where are you finding successes? Can you improve in this area to gain further success?