Counter Attacking | Lead (02-P12)

Set Up
Three Opposition players managed against four coached players plus a target player for possession team to play into to score in one of two mini goals.
Coach counter attacking team to attack quickly in a 13 against managed team in a 21. This replicates teams attempting to play out in central areas and focuses the counter on exploiting spaces left in this single player overload.




Coaching Point 1: Attacking midfielder (10) high press on central midfielder (4) to regain and create a 4 v 2 around the box; focus on runs beyond from wide players.


Level 4 Lead Session 1 14B3


Coaching Point 2: Once inside the box in around byline, develop movement and quality of decision and final ball to finish. Near (9), central (10) far (7) examples.

Level 4 Lead Session 1 14B4


Coaching Point 3: As defenders (5 & 6) drawn out to wide players, 2 v 1 gaps appear in the box for forward runners (7 & 9). How can we ensure this is maximised?
Touchtight Coaching Tips
In this session, observe ability to break through defensive line on the counter and on the rotational movement to exploit spaces with a single player overload. Also identify how floating end player moves in relation to the ball providing angles for effective support.
Playing off the shoulder of players on the break and immediate eye contact to develop player understanding of rotational triggers and quick decision making is key.
Possible Progressions
- Conditioning type of counter (solo, combination, direct)
- Goal for number of passes made by possession team
- Amend numbers in play