Breaking Defensive Lines | Opposed (22-P2)

This passing football practice can be used to develop player's ability to break defensive lines with forward passing. Practice will contain 5 players, with 4 players keeping possession and 1 player shielding area. If defender wins possession he or she must run ball outside square in order to change defender.
Duration: 20 minutes    Skill: Passing    Age Group: 9+
Couple Of Football Cones   8 CONES         Football Game     1 BALL             Football Player Running Behind The Ball 1    5 PLAYERS           Football Strategic Sketch     EASY             Icon  10 x 10 YARDS

Player Focus

Weight Of Pass - Individual Movement - Angles and Distances - Patience 
Key Technical Coaching Questions:
  • How can you create angles quickly to move defender around?
  • How can you penetrate space created? 
  • How will it affect play if 2 players play close to each other (smaller angles)?
  • How does ball speed become a factor? 
Possible Progressions:
  • Progression 1: Split area into 2, so players must play it through diagonally
  • Progression 2: Central player can now travel through central space to intercept
  • Progression 3: Central player must win possession within 10-20 passes (How does this change practice?)