Creating Space | Individual / Skill / Opposed (15-S2)

Phase 2: Possession Questions

Age Group 11+

Duration 90 minutes

Players 9+

This 3 Part Session focuses on developing individual technique and skill of players in creating space.



Rotational Movement | Individual (42-P1)


Level 1 Individual 1 A

Set Up
This Individual practice is focused on developing movement to receive in a 25yard area, with coach working one to one with a player. Here we must focus on movement to and away from the pass, developing touch to finish in mini goals as shown.
We can begin practice with a number of balls. Player must initiate movement away from central cone for coach to play pass and play to finish first time, if possible. Player then jogs back to central area to repeat; work around 10 balls.
Duration | 15 minutes
Age Group | 9+
Players | 1
Player Focus
Movement | Change Of Pace | 1st Touch | Finish (Pass Quality)

Level 1 Individual 1 B

Progression 1
Player must make movement out of central area to receive. This will encourage a change of pace from standing position.

Level 1 Individual 1 C

Progression 2
Coach will now vary delivery, with passes lofted, or driven on the floor. This will encourage quick feet movement away from the pass and also develops player's first touch in any direction pass is received.
Level 1 Individual 1 D
Progression 3
With central area split, coach can determine movement into each area. Player's touch must take them out of square to finish, encourages quick thinking and reactions to call.

Free Soccer Drills



Creating Space | Skill Practice (15-P3)

Set Up / Organisation
Practice 3 of our Xavi themed compilation ‘Creating Space’ is based on attacking in a 4231 against a traditional 442. In what is essentially a 6 v 2 Rondo, our 6 players look to keep possession around a defending pair (9 and 10) in a 15 by 15 yard area, creating space to penetrate, if defenders win the ball they must run the ball over any line within 3 seconds.

15 P3 1


15 P3 2

Set Up / Organisation
Players must look to draw defenders one side to create space in wide areas or play a split pass by encouraging a single player press.

15 P3 3


15 P3 4

Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Constraint | Possession team to play one player in a 7 by 7 yard central area to combine

15 P3 5


15 P3 6

Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • Progression | Add 2 channels, which only one player must occupy at all times
Progressions & Constraints | 3
  • Progression | Central midfielders (8 and 4) must rotate after each successful combination or after every 5 seconds
Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Forcing direction to create a 2 v 2 and eliminate extra attacking player
  • Technical | Defensive ability in 1 v 1s, jockeying on toes able to adjust and turn
  • Social | Support teammates who become the primary pressing player (positioning)

15 P3 7

Player Challenges | Defenders
  • Defenders spotting gaps to penetrate

15 P3 8

Player Challenges | Fullbacks
  • Fullbacks creating quick angles to build play in front and behind the ballPace and angles of recovery runs made

15 P3 9

Player Challenges | Midfielders
  • Midfielders recognising when and how to drop in to connect.

Free Soccer Drills



Creating Space | Opposed Practice (15-P2)

Set Up
This 6 v 3 Possession practice is played in an area 252 yards, with the focus on the 6 players in possession creating effective supporting angles and movement to keep the ball against 3 defenders. If defenders win possession, can they make 5 passes before any turnover? Rotate defensive players throughout practice.

6 V 3 A

  • This practice requires individuals to make the area as big as possible, checking shoulders for space, recognising when to play short to draw defenders in and when to play a longer pass to break pressing lines. Can team make 10 passes to score? Each time defending team wins possession they score.

15 P2B

Progression & Constraints | 1
  • Introduce 5 yard end zones whereby possession players must attempt to transfer possession from one side to the other. Observe how this directional practice now changes defenders mindset, thus providing a different challenge for the team in possession.

6 V 3 C

Progression & Constraints | 2
  • Players in possession must now look to play a forward pass into a runner in end zone, with the player already in the zone making a well timed run back into possession area. This is all about timing and develops individual's ability to work in pairs or more to challenge defenders with creative movement.