Switching Play | Opposed (39-P1)

40 x 40 square with 4 5 x 5 square areas in each corner. Number of players between 8 and 16. Each team has a single player in 2 corners and remaining players keeping the ball in the main area. Idea is to first of all get the ball transferred into an outside square and maintain possession, with many progressions possible.

30 4 Corner Possession A


Player Focus:

Passing Quality - First Touch - Awareness Of Space - Game Understanding - Organised Defending


30 4 Corner Possession B


P1: 1 Out / 1 In

As ball played into square, 1st touch must take player out and another player replaces

30 4 Corner Possession C


P2: 1-2 Combination

First Touch must combine with supporting player, creating a 1-2, passer replaces

30 4 Corner Possession D


P3: 5 Pass Transfer

Can players transfer ball from 1 corner to the other within 5 passes?


Touchtight Coaching Tips:

Extra TouchTight Progression

Once ball is played into square for rotation, opposite players must also switch off the ball, maintaining width and developing game understanding to lose markers.
S - Focus on the team creating width/depth in possession, with support provided near/far from the player in possession
T - Speed of pass and supporting movement is key. Developed further by adding defensive challenges i.e. Pressing/Compactness
E - Shaded areas could be made larger for less able teams to ensure the practice is able to be progressed
P - Could allow 1 player from shaded area to link up inside, further developing timing of runs and speed of pass into the box.