Football Practices Series: Finishing In The Box

This Finishing practice can be used to develop both striker's turn of pace and Finishing Technique, together with individual Goalkeeper Shot Stopping. Practice will contain 7 players minimum, with 2 attackers, 2 defenders, 2 servers and a GK, with players rotating during the session.
Duration: 25 minutes      Skill: Finishing      Age Group: 9+
Couple Of Football Cones   7 CONES         Football Game     6-8 BALL             Football Player Running Behind The Ball 1    7+ PLAYERS           Football Strategic Sketch     EASY             Icon  30 x 30 YARDS


Player Focus

Change of pace - Finishing Technique - Goalkeeper Shot stopping - Combinations 
Finishing 1

Key Points 1: Placement & Decisions

Placement of ball: under, over, down side or around the GK. Players must judge distance from which to place ball past GK or decide to take around player.
Finishing 2 

Key Coaching Points 2: Change of Pace

Steep directional changes: cutting in a new direction. Explosive acceleration to accompany change of direction. Lengthy touches on the ball to be able to travel at speed when running. Changes of pace & direction on the run, before breaking to move onto ball. Moving quickly towards goal, with ball at feet.  
Finishing 3

Progressions: 2 v 2

A’s work as a pair, having option to pass. 2nd D to recover & put pressure on A’s. Vary nature of service (aerial, bouncing ball etc). Deciding to shoot, pass to other attacker or take ball past GK in 1v1 situation. Awareness of recovering Defender(s).