Defensive Compactness | Phase Of Play (06-P10)


Set Up
This Phase Of Play takes place in a 60 x 55 yard area and is a sequenced session following on from the Functional practice within our Defensive Compactness theme. Attacking team Blues set up in a 44 or 224 against defending Reds set up in a 144.
Blues must try to combine to score against Red GK. If Blues gain possession, they have 10 seconds to attack and combine with 1 of Target players at opposite end.
Duration | 30 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 19+
Player Focus
1 v 1 Defending | Compactness | Press/Delay | Unit/Team Communication
06 P10 A
This session focuses on defending compact against an attacking team encouraged to be creative in their movement. With target players available to progress the session, defenders will need to consider how they will prevent any penetrative passes into final third and defend the box.
06 P10 B
Key Coaching Point 1 | Recovery 1 v 1
Observe play to identify strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Players must ensure that if they are beaten, they recover quickly and ensure they cover teammates who will be recovering for them also. Secondary focus will be on covering player.  
06 P10 C
Key Coaching Point 2 | Depth
Defenders must defend in relation to movement of the ball. If opposition have time and space to play long balls in behind, then defenders must recognise this and drop when required by identifying triggers.
06 P10 D
Key Coaching Point 3 | Squeeze / Press
Team must recognise the right times to press from the front and squeeze upfield from the back. This will be based on trigger moments such as lofted passes sideways and backwards, poor touch or slow ball speed.
06 P10 E
Progression 1 | Target Link Up
Target player can now join in to add extra player in build up from deeper areas. This will give defenders additional decisions to make on whether to press extra player or remain compact and deal with underload in their own third.
06 P10 F
Progression 2 | Target Bounce
With Target player available for team to set, defenders will now need to be aware of long ball in behind when they press upfield. This additional condition will encourage important decisions to be made by all defending players.