Creating Space | 6 v 3 (15-P2)

Football Practice Set Up:

This 6 v 3 Possession practice is played in an area 25 x 25 Yards, with the focus on the 6 players in possession creating effective supporting angles and movement to keep the ball against 3 defenders. If defenders win possession can they make 5 passes before any turnover. Rotate defensive players throughout practice.

Player Focus

Passing Weight/Direction - Vision Playing Forward - Support Play - Rotation - Creativity

6 V 3 A


Set Up:

This practice requires individuals to make the area as big as possible, checking shoulders for space, recognising when to play short to draw defenders in and when to play a longer pass to break pressing lines. Can team make 10 passes to score? Each time defending team wins possession they score.  

6 V 3 B


Progression 1: 

Introduce 5 Yard end zones whereby possession players must attempt to transfer possession from one side to the other. Observe how this directional practice now changes defenders mindset, thus providing a different challenge for the team in possession. 

6 V 3 C


Progression 2: 

Players in possession must now look to play a forward pass into a runner in end zone, with the player already in the zone making a well timed run back into possession area. This is all about timing and develops individual's ability to work in pairs or more to challenge defenders with creative movement.